Austin Theory On Why Criticism Toward Him Is “Crazy”

Austin Theory WWE US Champion

Austin Theory doesn’t take much stock in what his critics have to say.

Former United States Champion Austin Theory has been the subject of much criticism as of late. Though he scored a victory over John Cena at WrestleMania 39 to retain his United States Championship, the star has now lost the title to Rey Mysterio, and some question his ability to be a top player in the company.

Theory himself, however, doesn’t pay his critics any mind. Speaking on a new episode of WWE After The Bell, the star boasted about his accomplishments and even called out previous criticism he received from Cena ahead of their WrestleMania clash.

“To me, it’s almost crazy being told that I don’t believe in myself. When clearly, let’s use John [Cena] for example, I seen John Cena, he was in the middle of the ring on ‘Raw,’ and look where I am? I got to ‘Monday Night Raw.’ I’m on ‘SmackDown’ now. How are you gonna tell me that I didn’t believe in myself? Who is 26 years old that’s done the things that I’ve done in the WWE? And people always have something to say.”

Austin Theory Believes He’s More Of A “Workhorse” Than Seth Rollins

Continuing, Theory pointed out that every time he’s been knocked down in his young career, he’s managed to rise to new heights after the fact.

“I mean, let’s take it back to the Money in the Bank contract. When I lost that, my career was over, and then look what I did. I had the greatest United States Championship run of all time.

“And if I decide to go and grab that title again, then I will, but maybe I’m focused on the ‘Head of the Table’? Maybe the workhorse Seth Rollins? That’s a funny one too, calling him the workhorse, but look at how many times I defended the United States Championship. Look up how many matches Austin Theory has had in 2023. I’m sure it’s more than Seth Rollins. But those are the things that people don’t wanna realize because they know how great I am.”

In a previous interview, Austin Theory revealed what John Cena said to him after their WrestleMania 39 bout.

h/t WrestlingInc