Attitude Era Champion Wants WWE Return

WWE Attitude Era

The Attitude Era is one of the most talked about eras in wrestling history and one WWE champion from that time wants one last run in the company.

WWE fans from the time will have no trouble remembering the talents of Jacqueline who became the first WWE Women’s Champion when the title was brought back to the company in 1998. She held that title twice during her run in the company in addition to becoming WWE Cruiserweight Champion as well when she defeated Chavo Guerrero for the gold in May 2004.

Speaking on the Attitude Era Podcast, Jacqueline said she hoped that she could still have another run in the company as she still has something left in the tank:

I would hope (I could return to WWE). Vince (McMahon), Triple H, somebody, y’all can call me. I still have a little left in the tank. I still have a little left in the tank. So if you can return Trish (Stratus) and The Rock can return and John Cena can return, Jacqueline can return too, you know? That’s what I’m talking about.

Which WWE stars are in Jacqueline’s sights?

As far as which of the current crop of WWE stars has impressed her, the WWE Hall of Famer paid special attention to a newcomer to the company:

Right now, it’s Charlotte (Flair that I like to watch). I got to give the girl — she’s bad. Charlotte can wrestle, she can wrestle her ass off… Who else? Becky (Lynch). Becky’s out there and I see they just signed Jade (Cargill). She has a good look to herself. She has a really good look, she’s strong and I think they’re gonna do her right. She’s got star power and who else? Who else out there that is really — Bianca (Belair), come on now… That would be a hell of a match (Cargill vs. Belair). That would be a hell of a match. But there’s many more girls out there that can wrestle, that deserve a push.

Jade Cargill joined WWE in September 2023 following her departure from AEW. Cargill had been featured on Raw, NXT, and SmackDown early on but has been absent from television ever since. Sadly the former TBS Champion recently lost her mother, who passed away after a battle with cancer.

h/t POST Wrestling