Translation Of Asuka-IYO SKY Expletive Filled Promo On WWE Smackdown

asuka iyo sky smackdown

We have the translation of what Asuka and IYO SKY said to eachother in Japanese while on Smackdown and it turns out the promo wasn’t very PG.

The new Raw Women’s Champion Asuka was a guest on the Grayson Waller Effect talk show on the June 2nd edition of Smackdown. While Waller tried to ask some hard-hitting questions, the champion spent most of her time ranting in Japanese.

There were interruptions from numerous women: IYO SKY, Bayley, Shotzi, Lacey Evans and Zelina Vega, who beat Evans in a match to quality for the Women’s Money in the Bank match.

While Sky was in the ring with the Raw Women’s Champion, the two Japanese women ranted at eachother in Japanese. Unless you can speak Japanese, you probably don’t know what they said. Thankfully, we have a translation of the promo courtesy of HDSubss on Twitter. Here’s what they said.

IYO SKY: “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Miss Asuka, you sure are getting WAY too cocky! I win at Money in the Bank (points to briefcases), I will challenge for that title. Iyo Sky will become the NEW CHAMPION! So best regards.”

Asuka: “Child! Child! You know, little children are not allowed to be here!”

IYO SKY: “Shut up, you piece of s**t!”

Asuka: “Stupid!”

Iyo: “Piece of s**t!”

Asuka: “Stupid!

While the champion won’t be in a Money in the Bank match on July 1st, IYO SKY could be because she faces Shotzi next week on Smackdown. If SKY wins that then perhaps she can take out her aggression toward her Japanese rival in a match.