Arn Anderson Reveals When His and Brock’s AEW Deals Are Up

Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson has discussed what role, if any, he’d like to take once his current AEW deal is up.

A legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling, Arn Anderson has had the mantle of his legacy taken up in AEW, with his son Brock Anderson now on the roster – although according to the Four Horsemen member that may not be for much longer.

In a discussion with Steve Fall at, Anderson explained that his son’s contract is set to expire in May, whilst he has a further year on top of that which he is ready to see out so that he can have his life well planned.

Well, Brock’s got about, I think in May his is up, and then I have another year passed that. I’m having a great time. I’m enjoying working for the company and I’m going to certainly get that last year now. What they have for Brock and I together going forward, I don’t know. I look at things and always have going all the way back to WCW when contracts came out.

When you get a guaranteed contract, your wife has the luxury of planning your life because they do it anyway. To know much time and it’s not something that’s not going to change and all that, you can map your life out. That gives me another year and a half almost to help Brock every which way I can.

Continuing on, Arn Anderson admitted he’d be happy to stay on with AEW at the end of his contract if asked, but it would be in some sort of limited capacity.

I will stay with AEW as long as they want me. That’s my one thing, and I said that after I left, well, I was canned by WWE. I don’t want to be anywhere that I’m not wanted anyway, not for one minute, not for any amount of money, not for one second. If at the end of the contract, if they would like for me to stay aboard in some limited capacity, I would love to.

A limited schedule is understandable for Arn Anderson, especially after he revealed how hectic his schedule with WWE was.