Arn Anderson Opens Up On Struggles With “Normal” Activities After Career-Ending Injury

Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson has given an insight in to the everyday tasks he has difficulty with after the injury which forced him to step away from in-ring competition.

Despite being a worldwide name in the wrestling business and a key member of The Four Horsemen, Arn Anderson has been unable to compete inside the squared circle since picking up an arm injury at the age of 37 which left the arm paralyzed.

In a recent discussion on his ARN Podcast, Arn Anderson opened up on how plenty of tasks which most people would take for granted, he either isn’t able to do or has to adapt his methods.

Throw a baseball. Throw a frisbee. Go to a batting cage, hit some baseballs. Anything normal. People don’t understand when you’re left-handed, and that hand is suddenly paralyzed at the age I was, at thirty-seven, you can’t teach yourself how to write right-handed at that advanced age.

You pull through a drive-thru, you roll down the window; you can’t just reach out and grab the cup. I can’t hold it. I have to take off the seat belt, reach across me, get it, bring it back in, set it down. I can’t do a button on this side. Can’t do a button on a shirt. I have to button it, slip it over my head. Day to day things that you would never think about, I can’t do anymore. I used to love get my boys out in the backyard and just pitch a baseball. Done.

Having stepped away from active competition in 2000, Arn Anderson also recently discussed when he plans to step away from the wrestling business completely.

With thanks to 411Mania for the transcription.