Arn Anderson Speaks About Which Former AEW Star He Wants To See In WWE NXT

Arn Anderson Speaks About Which Former AEW Star He Wants To See In WWE NXT

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson discussed the potential of his son and former AEW wrestler, Brock Anderson, transitioning to WWE’s developmental brand, NXT.

On his podcast “ARN,” Arn Anderson provided insights into the considerations and preparations involved in such a move. Addressing the timing of Brock’s potential transition, Anderson emphasised the importance of thorough preparation.

It’s probably not time yet to even consider that, but yes, of course.

Anderson highlighted the need for a strong foundation and honed fundamental skills before making a move to NXT, stressing the value of comprehensive training and readiness in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

He elaborated on the necessity of entering the wrestling landscape with a robust skill set and a thoughtful approach.

It’s also good to go in the door with all your fundamentals in line, your reps. It’s best if you can get a little ring shape in when you walk in the door, other than just being an athlete from a different sport walking in.

Anderson explained. This methodical approach reflects his commitment to ensuring a seamless and well-prepared transition for his son. Anderson’s comments conveyed a sense of patience and deliberate progression. He expressed:

He’ll be somewhere soon. There’s no hurry. It’s not like rush, rush, rush, [we have to] get you a spot at one of the major promotions. It’s just making sure you do things right on the way up. That’s what we’re looking at.

This cautious approach underscores Anderson’s dedication to his son’s development, ensuring Brock is fully prepared for the challenges of professional wrestling.

Which Former WWE Superstar Does Arn Anderson Think Will Become A Big Star?

Arn Anderson shared his belief that WWE Superstar Bron Breakker will become a big star one day. Anderson highlighted Breakker’s wrestling pedigree with his father being the legendary Rick Steiner and his uncle being former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner as a reason that he has the foundations to achieve great success in the wrestling industry.

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