Arn Anderson Reflects On Mick Foley’s Wrestling Career And Sacrifices

Arn Anderson Reflects On Mick Foley's Wrestling Career And Sacrifices

Arn Anderson delved into Mick Foley’s pre-WWE career and the significant toll it exacted on his body.

During an episode of The ARN Show Arn Anderson shed light on the physical sacrifices Mick Foley made and the profound impact of his wrestling style on his overall well-being. Anderson emphasised Foley’s penchant for extreme wrestling, particularly his infamous bumps off the apron to the unforgiving floor, which exacted a considerable toll on his body over time.

Reflecting on Foley’s daring manoeuvres, Anderson recalled a poignant conversation that epitomised Foley’s unwavering commitment to his craft despite the inherent risks.

The first time that I witnessed him taking these bumps off the apron to the floor on his back and all that stuff, I went up to him and I said, it’s a famous conversation. I said ‘Jesus Christ, Cactus. You ain’t got no sense.’ And he said, ‘No, Mr. Anderson, I don’t have any money.’ That says it all, don’t it?

What Does Mick Foley Think He Needs To Do To Have One Final Match?

Mick Foley outlined what he would need to do to step back into the ring just one more time, Foley stated that he would need to lose an “extraordinary” amount of weight but it isn’t coming off as quickly as he would have hoped so he will need to reassess the situation further down the line. Foley also said that he doesn’t want to have another match for the money but to have fun.

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