Arn Anderson Recalls His First Meeting With “Double Tough” Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer

Arn Anderson Recalls His First Meeting With

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson shared his insights on fellow wrestling icon “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

During an episode of his podcast ARN recalling his initial encounter with Duggan in the early days of his career at Mid-South Wrestling under Bill Watts, Arn Anderson portrayed him as a formidable and resilient figure.

[I met Jim Duggan] when I was working for [Bill] Watts, when I very first started, he was a big, rugged guy. Double tough.

However, Anderson expressed some reservations about Duggan’s transition to the “Hacksaw” character upon joining the WWE. He noted a lack of significant character evolution, observing that Duggan seemed to maintain the same moves and approach regardless of whether he portrayed a heel or a babyface.

If you go back and watch his matches from when he was a heel for Bill Watts and a babyface for WWF, he did all the same moves, nothing changed. He just did it to the bad guys.

Discussing Duggan’s subsequent move to WCW, Anderson attributed it to Duggan’s association with Hulk Hogan, who had also transitioned from WWE to WCW around the same time. Despite this connection, Anderson downplayed the significance of Duggan’s move, considering it a common occurrence during that era, with numerous wrestlers shifting between the major wrestling companies.

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