Arn Anderson Explains Why He Doesn’t Want Certain Role In AEW

Arn Anderson

Whilst Arn Anderson is more than willing to be a source of advice in AEW, there’s one job he specifically doesn’t want to have.

After a legendary in-ring career, Arn Anderson transitioned in to being a road agent for WCW in its final years, before taking on the same role with WWE for almost two decades. He went on to join AEW as a coach and an on-screen talent following his release from WWE in 2019.

In a discussion on his ARN Podcast, the Four Horseman member made it clear that he will always give advice, but he doesn’t want to take on an official title of road agent again.

Not until after…let’s just say in the last six months. There has been that conversation. The reality is, I would prefer to keep that, that relationship is like coach to player. I would rather keep that in a casual, not be my job description. 25 guys could line up, and I would be able to spend whatever time it would be helping them if they asked, but I don’t want that to be my job, just because for 19 years it was a really hard job.

I got burnt out. If it’s still in a professional setting and we’re backstage and a guy comes up, Will Hobbs asks me all the time, ‘what did you think about this?’ Different guys ask. If they want my opinion, I’ll be happy to give it to them.

Continuing on, Anderson discussed how he still watches the matches as it’s important for knowledge to get passed on in the wrestling business.

I love the business and I sit there and try to watch most of the matches when I’m at the TV taping. If anyone comes up and asks, I try to give them an honest opinion. That’s the way the knowledge of our business gets passed down. Jake Roberts, Dean Malenko, Billy Gunn, they have great coaches, they really do. It’s up to us to coach them up and help them. I’m just not sure I want to step back into that role on a permanent basis.

“You Don’t Have To Pay Me Extra”

Arn Anderson finished up by talking about the additional workload a road agent has, and how he’d rather just give the advice whilst performing the tasks he’s doing.

There are meetings that nobody sees that you have to be at, time-consuming things you have to be at. I had 19 hard years and prior to that, I had all those WCW years that I was an agent, coach, producer. I just want to enjoy whatever time I have left in the business, sit back and watch it as a fan, and if I can offer some information that’ll help a guy get better, I’m glad to do it, you don’t even have to pay me extra for it. An information source.