Anthony Bowens Responds To “He’s Gay” Chants On Rampage

Anthony Bowens

AEW star Anthony Bowens has responded to the ovation he received as he was given a hugely positive “he’s gay” chant on Rampage.

Bowens and his Acclaimed partner Max Caster alongside Daddy Ass Billy Gunn were in the ring on Rampage when they were forced to deal with the full complement of QTV.

Harley Cameron kicked off the issues as she attempted a rap before noting that she knew that Anthony Bowens was into her in what was a massive miscalculation. Bowens gleefully asked Cameron to look at his gear before telling her that he’s gay. That got a massive cheer from the Chicago crowd before they broke out into a “he’s gay” chant.

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The Acclaimed were soon lured from the ring by QT Marshall and Aaron Solo leaving Gunn to be super kicked by a returning John Morrison, who now goes by the name of Johnny TV.

However, despite the unfortunate turn the segment took for him and his team, Anthony Bowens took to social media to share his reaction to the positive response he received on the show:

“If ya told me years ago, I’d have an arena chanting HE’S GAY at me in the most POSITIVE of ways, I’d say you’re crazy. It’s pretty cool to see how far we’ve come. Still more work to do. Happy Pride #AEWRampage”

Wrestling has not always been known for its tolerance of people’s sexuality and Billy Gunn himself was caught up in a furor surrounding that very issue during his time in WWE when he was part of the ill-fated marriage ceremony alongside then-tag team partner Chuck Palumbo.