Anoa’i Wrestling Star “Ghosts” Charity After No-Showing Event

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One Anoa’i family member is being called out after no-showing a charity wrestling event.

While The Bloodline is going through turmoil on WWE television, another member of the Anoa’i family finds himself in hot water after being accused of ghosting a charity organization when he didn’t show up for an event.

Nonprofit organization Jake’s Network of Hope in Wisconsin had booked Jacob Fatu to appear at an event called Hits for Hope, but he cancelled at the last minute, saying that he had a family emergency to attend to. A representative for the organization named Jenn Harper spoke to NBC 26 about the situation, saying that the organization completely understood the last-minute change but asked to be reimbursed for the money already spent in booking the star. According to Harper, that’s when communication came to a halt.

“Jacob called and said that there was a family emergency. We gave him the benefit of the doubt. At Jake’s, we are 100% about family and I said, ‘if you can’t make it, that’s fine,’” said Jake’s Network of Hope Director of Development, Jenn Harper.

“We rescheduled the flight that he missed originally, and about an hour after that flight took off, we were made aware from him that he wasn’t coming. After that, he ghosted us, he ghosted the production team that puts together the wrestling show, and he ghosted the person that booked him for us.”

In the news report, Harper broke down the amount of money her organization had spent, with the costs totaling $2633 for the following:

  • $1030 paid in advance
  • $548 hotel booking
  • $657 on his initial flight
  • $348 on the rescheduled flight
  • $50 on posters and photos for autograph sessions

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Harper then revealed that a major name in the Anoa’i family had been in touch about the situation, promising to appear at the organization’s event next year. She didn’t reveal which family member had been in touch, but said it was a surprise to receive such a phone call.

“It was kind of really out of the blue to get a phone call from somebody of that magnitude to say, ‘hey, what can we do? How can we help?’”

Harper said she made the decision to speak out about the situation after learning that others had a similar experience with Jacob Fatu.

“That’s why at Jake’s we decided that we wanted to speak up alongside of these organizations, so that this didn’t continue to happen to other people.”

Billy Gunn, Tatanka, Vampiro, and Brian Pillman, Jr. were among the stars who fulfilled their commitments at Hits for Hope.

h/t F4WOnline