Anna Jay Explains Origins Of “Fat Ass, Bad Attitude” Catchphrase

Anna Jay

Anna Jay sparked interest when she let the world know that she had a “fat ass and a bad attitude” as she put the women’s division of AEW on notice.

Speaking on the Under The Ring podcast, Anna Jay explained the thought process that went into her new catchphrase and says it’s great that people can see it as a positive:

“I kind of knew, if I was going to say it, that it would create some sort of buzz, whether bad or good. I thought it was on brand with the JAS because everything is kind of ridiculous in a great way. I thought it fit and I was like, ‘You know what, people sometimes say this kind of things to me, why don’t I just say it and see where it goes.’

“I just went with it. I thought about it saying it for a little while, but I went back and forth, ‘I don’t know if I want to say it,’ because it’s not really me, personally, but it works with JAS, so I decided to say it and that’s how it happened.

“That’s one of the things I was thinking when I was talking to other people about saying it, ‘This is great. A lot of women, I feel they can relate, and guys too.’ Even guys backstage are like, ‘I want this shirt.’ I have Daddy Magic [Matt Menard] wearing it backstage. I thought about it and it’s a positive thing. If I’m going to say it about myself, other people will want to say it about themselves too.”

Anna Jay’s bad attitude was not enough to stop her from falling victim to The House of Black’s Julia Hart in a no holds barred match on the 10th of May edition of Dynamite.

h/t Fightful