Andre The Giant’s Legendary Champagne Hustle Revealed

Andre The Giant's Legendary Champagne Hustle Revealed

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Jerry Sags shared a fascinating story about the legendary wrestler Andre The Giant, exposing a clever betting hustle that showcased Andre’s extraordinary capacity for consuming alcohol.

The revelation came during a tour in France when Sags had the chance to interact with Andre the Giant’s Aunt. According to Sags, in a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Andre’s Aunt shared tales of a cunning scheme orchestrated by Andre and his family during his teenage years. The scheme revolved around Andre’s ability to chug down an entire bottle of champagne in one go, a feat that seemed impossible due to the bubbly nature of the beverage.

During that tour, we went to the Bossaire in France and Andre took us and introduced us to his real family from France. His Aunt sat down with me and she starts telling me what it was like with Andre when he was a kid,

Describing the ploy in detail, Sags explained that Andre’s Aunt would attract patrons in a bar by claiming that her nephew could effortlessly consume a whole bottle of champagne without pausing. As unsuspecting individuals placed bets on the seemingly impossible act, Andre would astound them by effortlessly downing the entire bottle, leaving the spectators in disbelief. This crafty ruse reportedly became a weekly occurrence, allowing Andre the Giant and his family to collect winnings from astonished onlookers.

She said Andre was a teenager, and they had a little scam set up. Andre would sit in a bar, and at a point in the night, the Aunt would go, ‘My nephew can drink a whole bottle of champagne in one gulp without stopping.’ And any Frenchman knows that it’s so bubbly that there’s no way it’s possible a human being could chug a bottle of champagne… And they would start laying down their bets, and this was a weekly thing they did. They’d collect all the money, they’d pop that cork, Andre would put that bottle of champagne, and the people would have a heart attack and she’d clean the money up,

Expressing his amazement at Andre the Giant’s drinking prowess, Sags highlighted the wrestling icon’s ability to make beer cans disappear in his massive hands, consume entire cases of beer, and consider a bottle of Courvoisier as a mere warm-up.

I sat with him and a beer can would disappear in the guy’s hand, a case of beer, a couple of bottles of wine, maybe a bottle of Courvoisier would just be a starter for him.

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