Alleged Victim In BJ Whitmer Case Was “Fighting For My Life”

bj whitmer

BJ Whitmer was fired from AEW following domestic abuse allegations, and now his alleged victim has given her side of the story.

On June 4th, former AEW producer BJ Whitmer was arrested by the Boone County Sheriff’s Department in Boone Country, KY. He was charged with strangulation in the first degree and burglary in the second degree. He was released on a $25,000 bond on June 12th, and AEW issued the following statement about his termination from the company:

“BJ Whitmer has been terminated following his arrest on domestic violence charges. While talent and staff are ultimately responsible for their own personal actions, this behavior is intolerable within AEW. AEW has reached out to offer support to those impacted by his behavior.”

Now, speaking on the condition of anonymity, Whitmer’s alleged victim opened up to Fox 19 about the situation and gave her side of the story, saying she and Whitmer had dated, and he assaulted her after they had ended the relationship.

“I was literally fighting for my life,” the woman said. “I came into my house, and he was standing at the top of my steps waiting for me.”

According to the police report filed at the time, “Mr. Whitmer grabbed her by the throat and threw her down on the couch, where he began strangling her.” The woman continued:

“And he squeezed tighter and said, ‘I’m going to f****** kill you. Do you hear me? I’m going to kill you!’” She continued. “And once we got to the point of where we stopped moving, and then he continued choking me, I absolutely knew.”

She says that she was able to get away from Whitmer by lying to him about police being on the way.

“Instead of coughing, I lied and said, ‘I already called the cops,’ and the second I said that he let go,” she said.

According to the incident report, the woman had visible red marks and bruising on her neck after the alleged assault took place.