All In Rumor Regarding Special Appearance At Wembley

aew all in group wembley

With everyone clamouring to be part of AEW biggest show to date, a new report has speculated on whether another star from outside the company may appear.

It is likely nobody expected the kind of ticket sales which quickly poured in for AEW All In at Wembley Stadium on 27th August, with the number sold now surpassing 65,000. This is with just a poster for the show and no matches confirmed, which makes the feat even more surprising.

However, many will harp back to the SummerSlam 1992 clash between Bret Hart and The British Bulldog which main evented the last show in the stadium. Now, a familiar name is being talked about to appear at the event.

In the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, it has been speculated that Davey Boy Smith Jr. could end up making an appearance at the event.

There’s been a lot of speculation regarding Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the Wembley Stadium show just for an appearance stemming back to the most famous match ever held in the stadium with his father beating his uncle, Bret Hart, for the IC title. As of this moment, he hasn’t been talked to about it. It’s basically if AEW thinks it’s something they want on the show.

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Another hint that this could come to fruition is that Davey Boy Smith Jr. will be in London that weekend, as he has been announced for PROGRESS Wrestling’s event on 26th August. Although that’s no guarantee, it at least indicates that he would be available and local if required. There’s also no confirmation at this point whether it would be an appearance or match at Wembley, and whether it would be announced in advance or kept as a surprise.