Alexa Bliss On Fans Hounding WWE Stars For Autographs To Sell Merchandise

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Alexa Bliss has commented on fans hounding WWE superstars for autographs on merchandise after a video was shown of her signing for fans.

It was last month in March when current WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley pleaded with fans to be more respectful to WWE superstars when they are out in public.

When USA Network’s website asked her about it, Ripley explained more about how she feels like some of these fans are bothering her.

“I run into fans every single day and there’s a lot of them. And when it comes to signing, some of them have piles of the same photos, of the same action figures, of the same pop vinyls, of the same cards — and they want you to sign every single one of them. And if you say, ‘Hey, I’m just going to sign one, I’ve got places to be’ — because most of the time we do, we’re running late. I was running late to work this morning because I landed so late and I’ve got to be here at a certain time, and sometimes we just can’t sign it all.”

“It’s sort of an entitled thing when some fans expect us to just do it and they start making a fuss if we say no. So I had a fan follow me outside the airport today because I said no to them because I didn’t have the time and it was all of the same stuff they wanted signed. It was one fan specifically, he’s notorious, he’s always at the airport getting our signatures and selling them on eBay — we know his face, we know who he is.”

“He was the main instigator, he followed me out and others followed him too and they all followed me as I’m trying to find my Uber. So I’m trying to tell them no and they’re all being persistent and I ended up getting lost, I had no idea where my Uber was, and I ended up down the stairs away from everyone else and I’m just surrounded by these five guys and they’re just hassling me.”

There have also been videos shared online with other wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens dealing with fans wanting signatures so that they can sell merchandise items.

Alexa Bliss has been part of WWE for over a decade and has accomplished a lot in the company as one of their top women’s stars with five combined Raw & Smackdown Women’s Title reigns.

On Twitter, Alexa Bliss responded to a fan tweeting her about it after a video surfaced showing Bliss and Kevin Owens being handed merchandise items with fans desperately wanting her to sign them. Here’s the initial video followed by Alexa’s comments.

Alexa Bliss tweeted a reply with this.

“We’re used to it unfortunately – & these people really Think we don’t know they sell it & get super offended if we say “no thank you.” Ohhh the stories I could tell about being followed.”

When a fan replied that Bliss should just sign one per fan, Alexa Bliss revealed that she had tried that and it didn’t work.

“I’ve tried that one – they get back in line like i wouldn’t remember them hahah … or they just keep following until you sign the rest.”

As for her WWE career, Alexa Bliss has been off television since losing to Bianca Belair at the 2023 Royal Rumble. There’s no word on when she will return, but with the WWE Draft coming over the next week, perhaps it will be soon.