Alexa Bliss Disputes Report About Being On A WWE Hiatus

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss has issued a statement about being on a “WWE hiatus” even though she has been off TV for over one month.

During her WWE career, Alexa Bliss has had quite a run. She is a former three-time Raw Women’s Champion, two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion, three-time Women’s Tag Team Champion and she even held the “coveted” 24/7 Championship as well. Bliss also won the Women’s Money in the Bank match in 2018.

For most of 2022, Alexa Bliss was somewhat of a role player on the WWE Raw brand. In the second half of the year, she was part of a rivalry with Bianca Belair & Asuka against the Damage CTRL trio of Bayley, IYO SKY & Dakota Kai.

Going into the 2023 Royal Rumble, Bliss was in more of a heel role after attacking Bianca Belair ahead of their match for the Raw Women’s Title. Belair won that match and Bliss hasn’t been on WWE TV since then.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer had a brief statement about Alexa: “Bliss is on another hiatus for a while.”

As is often the case when these sorts of things get reported, fans likely tweeted Bliss about it endlessly, so she issued a statement.

“Tired of seeing these tweets. I am not on a hiatus. They know where to find me.”

Bliss added in another tweet: “Also need to remember – you only see what parts of life I want you to see.”

It was reported by PWInsider was considered to be on “a break” after her Royal Rumble match loss to Bianca Belair.

Perhaps all of this just means that the WWE creative team has nothing for Alexa Bliss right now since she wrote “they know where to find me” which could mean that she is ready whenever WWE’s creative team comes up with something for her.