Alexa Bliss And Asuka Win WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Alexa Bliss

And new! Alexa Bliss and Asuka are now your WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions!

From the get-go, it would be a very intense and physical match between Alexa Bliss/Asuka and Dakota Kai/IYO Sky of Damage CTRL, with strikes being blown from both sides.

Asuka and IYO SKY would have a back-and-forth once again, however, Alexa Bliss would struggle despite going on to win the titles for her and Asuka. With Dakota Kai, she hit multiple spots, including landing a Scorpion Kick on Asuka. Before closing out the match, Bayley hit a Bayley to Belly that would send her and Bianca Belair through two tables.

With the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship switching hands, the Damage CTRL faction has lost a strong amount of power building it up since their returns at SummerSlam.

Now, the rivalry heads to Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, where Bianca Belair and Bayley will square off for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in a Last Standing Woman Match.

In other related news to these particular women, there are still rumors swirling around that Alexa Bliss could eventually join a Bray Wyatt faction, reuniting with “The Fiend” after previously working with him before WWE ultimately released him.