AJ Styles Reveals If He Would Let His Kids Be Pro Wrestlers

AJ Styles

Ahead of Night of Champions, AJ Styles has been speaking to the worlds media and was asked hiw he would react if his children wanted to join WWE.

Styles has recently returned to WWE after injury, and alongside The OC has been drafted to Smackdown and has worked his way past Edge, Rey Mysterio, and Bobby Lashley to progress into the final of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.

AJ Styles was in discussion with Alex McCarthy for Inside The Ropes, and is looking forward to competing at Night of Champions.

During the interview, Styles was asked if now that his oldest child has turned 18, are they looking to follow his father’s path and step inside the squared circle.

“No. He’s chasing his dream in baseball… but we’ll see where that ends up. It’s not for everybody… But it may come to a point where they go, ‘Well, that didn’t work out. Dad, do you mind training us?’ And if that comes to that, I wouldn’t mind doing it.

I think where we’re at in WWE and other places, it’s a better atmosphere than it’s ever been. It’s not all that drinking and drugs — I’m not saying it doesn’t go on — but it’s not all about that as it was before.”

Styles would go on to explain that 15 years ago he would be reluctant to encourage his children into a pro wrestling career, but now that WWE have created a platform for younger superstars to develop, he would happy to support the Styles clan into the industry.

The Phenomenal One also praised Dominik Mysterio, calling him a “good, respectful kid” despite his on-screen personas heel turn, and referenced how Dominik has travelled in WWE with his father Rey Mysterio, something Styles would be happy to do with his own son.

AJ Styles has also discussed his desire to once again become a Champion and will face off against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions on Saturday 27th May, where a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned.

H/t to WrestlingInc