Agent For Cody Rhodes Fired Over Sexual Harrassment Allegations

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes’ management is in some hot water.

We’ve approached a time in pop culture where Hollywood and professional wrestling are mixing like Gin and juice. You have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson turning from Attitude Era jabroni beating into the biggest star in Hollywood, several wrestling talents such as The New Day, Jimmy Uso, Sasha Banks and Naomi going to the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” premiere, and it’s even spreading to television with Liv Morgan recently being in USA Network’s “Chucky.”

However, the mixing of Hollywood and pro wrestling doesn’t always go well, and the latest news is an example of that.

Earlier this week, Brian Wittenstein — an agent in Hollywood and for Cody Rhodes — exited his position at Hyperion Talent Agency, according to Deadline. The outlet is reporting that several sources have stated that one of Wittenstein’s clients provided information to the talent agency with claims of inappropriate behavior. Eventually leading to Wittenstein leaving, previous sexual harassment cases were revealed after a followup into the complaint.

Hyperion Talent Agency made no other information known other than saying Wittenstein left the company, and all Wittenstein would comment is that it was a mutual decision with both sides.

With the exception of his work in Hollywood, Wittenstein is involved with multiple acts in professional wrestling, including WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes, as well as his wife and former AEW CBO and star Brandi Rhodes.