AEW Personality Believes WWE Entrances Are, At Times, Superior To The Matches

AEW Logo over roster

At least one person in AEW thinks that what happens on the entrance stage trumps the in-ring stuff.

AEW’s Tony Schiavone has been part of wrestling for many years. He was an integral on-screen figure during WCW’s heyday and has been a frequently-seen interviewer and frequently-heard commentator in AEW. He has been around wrestling quite a lot, and it’s from that experience that he made his comments.

Schiavone worked for WWE for only one year, from 1989 to 1990. And while he hasn’t been back to WWE since then, he has stayed aware of various happenings in the largest wrestling company in the world. On an episode of What Happened When, Schiavone praised WWE’s production values and how they manage to top themselves with each passing year.

It was around this point that Schiavone went on to say that in some cases in WWE, a wrestler/superstar’s entrance was better than the match that followed:

“On a regular television show, the entrance has become so spectacular with the WWE that it’s almost like the entrance is better than the match sometimes. And I don’t think it should be. Now the exception is WrestleMania because this is WrestleMania – they do some great camerawork.”

h/t 411Mania for the transcription