AEW Trainer Remembers Intimidating Meeting With WWE Hall Of Famer

AEW Trainer Remembers Intimidating Meeting With WWE Hall Of Famer

AEW trainer and ECW legend Mikey Whipwreck has spoken about his first encounter with WWE Hall of Famer Mr Perfect and how it didn’t go according to plan.

Mikey Whipwreck, renowned for his contributions to ECW and his brief stint in WCW, recently shared captivating insights about his encounter with Hennig in an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews. Whipwreck vividly recounted his initial excitement at meeting the WWE Hall of Famer, expressing his admiration for the wrestling icon. However, Hennig’s seemingly dismissive response left Whipwreck feeling disappointed.

“Before my match with Kidman, I introduced myself to Curt (‘cos I’m like, “holy f**k. This is Curt Henning! Like, this is f**king great!). He shook my hand… totally blew me off. Like, “yeah, okay”. And just walked away. I’m like, “well, that sucked! Mr Perfect just totally blew me off. F**king great.”

Nevertheless, his subsequent encounter with Hennig’s former manager, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, provided a stark contrast, leaving a lasting impression on Whipwreck.

“That was a f**king great introduction of somebody.”

However, the AEW trainer and global ambassador was taken aback when Hennig, a former AWA World Heavyweight Champion surprised him with a complete shift in attitude. Following Whipwreck’s scheduled match, Hennig acknowledged his capabilities and offered a warm welcome.

“And then after the match with Kidman, Curt Hennig comes up and goes “Curt Hennig, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” I’m like “oh, Curt. I met you before” he goes, “no, no, no.” He goes “that didn’t count. I just thought you were like some other s**thead they brought in here who doesn’t know what the f**k he’s doing! …You can work! Welcome aboard!” And he shook my hand. So now I’m on like f**king cloud nine!”

Whipwreck’s time in WCW was short, making his debut at Uncensored in March 99 against then WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman before leaving just months later following disillusionment with his lack of push.

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The bout between Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig at WWE King of the Ring 1993 was a riveting display of technical mastery and sportsmanship. The match, widely acclaimed at the time by fans and critics alike, showcased the exceptional in-ring abilities of both wrestlers but is often forgotten decades on. With a perfect blend of athleticism, storytelling, and skilful execution, Hart and Hennig delivered a classic encounter that solidified their status as two of the most respected and talented performers in the WWE.

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