AEW Trademark Formally Opposed By Wrestling Promotion

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A trademark filing by AEW has been opposed by another wrestling promotion although there is more to the story than simply opposing a trademark.

The AEW Fight Forever video game has another issue to deal with ahead of its release, whenever that might be.

There has been no release date announced for the highly-anticipated Fight Forever video game. Recently, AEW EVP Kenny Omega said that the game’s ESRB rating caused the release to be pushed back.

Another issue has emerged because attorney Mike Dockins filed paperwork for GCW (Game Changer Wrestling) with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on March 1st. The trademark filing was made because GCW is opposing the AEW “Fight Forever” phrase because it has something that GCW has used.

In the documents, it was noted that GCW is asking for a 90-day extension to file a notice of opposition and that request was granted.

Here’s the official court filing with thanks to David Bixenspan of Wrestling Inc. for the information.

Pursuant to 37 C.F.R. Section 2.102, Game Changer Wrestling, LLC, 1000 Jackson St., Toledo, OH 43504, UNITED States, a limited liability company, organized by the laws of Delaware, respectfully requests that it be granted a 90-day extension of time to file a notice of opposition against the above-identified mark for cause shown.

Potential opposed believes that good causes are established for this request by:

-The potential opposed needs additional time to investigate the claim.

– The potential opposer needs additional time to confer with counsel.

– The potential opposer is engaged in settlement discussions with applicant.

The time within which to file a notice of opposition is set to expire on 03/02/2023. Game Changer Wrestling respectfully requests that the time period within which to file an opposition be extended until 05/31/2023.

GCW’s owner Brett Lauderdale tweeted a reply to a fan noting that they were not looking for money from AEW’s Owner Tony Khan.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp provided some clarity about what GCW was looking for my opposing the AEW trademark.

“GCW is not looking to delay the release of the AEW video game, or get money from AEW, per GCW. They’re looking to make sure they can still use the name in use for future charity shows.”

What this most likely means is All Elite Wrestling will be able to keep the Fight Forever video game name, but GCW wants to use the phrase as well. It’s just a matter of coming to an agreement.