AEW Talent “Systematically” Stopped From Getting Over

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An AEW wrestler has commented on being on shows like Dark and how they can become just as popular as the main roster stars.

The main All Elite Wrestling television show is Dynamite for two hours every Wednesday night on TBS. On Fridays, AEW airs Rampage on TNT for one hour. There are rumors that a Saturday AEW show is coming soon, but nothing is official yet.

In addition to AEW’s TV shows, the company runs Dark and Dark Elevation on YouTube. They often feature matches with some All Elite wrestlers that barely get any TV time.

On Twitter, two wrestlers in All Elite Wrestling made some interesting comments recently. One of them was Ryan Nemeth, who wrote:

“Are #AEWDark wrestlers (who don’t win) supposed to be this popular compared to the main roster storyline guys I’m worried is this bad am I doing it wrong HELP.”

The tweet from Nemeth included images of the company’s Tik Tok videos, which show the view count numbers for those videos, so Nemeth circled the videos to show ones that featured him (a guy who barely gets AEW TV time) got a lot of views.

Sonny Kiss, who has been with All Elite Wrestling since the company launched in early 2019, added some interesting comments in two tweets.

“We, the #AEWDark wrestlers aka “jobbers”, are very much just as popular and talented as the main roster stars. We’re just systematically not supposed to be.

For clarification, I wasn’t calling us jobbers (hence the quotes) Just perception of us for some. I’m also saying that the system isn’t put into place for a lot of us to equally thrive & gain more of an audience/brand because some signed #AEWDark wrestlers aren’t at work weekly.”

Both Nemeth and Kiss made great points with a lot of fans agreeing with what they were saying. Whether the bosses were listening and will reward them with more TV