AEW Star’s WWE Raw Visit A Slap In The Face Says Dave Meltzer

Tony Khan AEW

It seems one AEW star couldn’t stay away from WWE Raw when it came to their home state and their wife posting a video of the visit has caused a stir.

Wrestling stars visiting shows is nothing new and recently several WWE stars were in attendance for Mercedes Mone’s big debut in AEW. Now Matt Hardy has visited Raw when it came to his home state of North Carolina with his wife Reby.

Is Matt Hardy Raw Visit Video A Slap In The Face To AEW?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer gave his take on the situation and noted while it was not a big deal him visiting his former company, his wife sharing the video of the visit may change things slightly:

Matt Hardy was at Raw with his wife and they posted a video. I mean, him being at Raw – he lives in Cameron which is near Raleigh, it’s his area. Him going to Raw is not really a big deal, him posting the video kind of changes it a little bit. His contract with AEW is coming due as well.

Meltzer and co-host Bryan Alvarez then discussed the crossover backstage at both AEW and WWE shows and how this was not frowned upon in the business. However, Meltzer reiterated that Hardy posting the video of him backstage at Raw changed the situation:

The posting of the video is a bigger deal because then it’s like a slap in the face of your own company in a lot of ways doing that.

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