AEW Stars “Sick Of Not Getting Their Flowers”


Austin and Colten Gunn stunned the world by winning the AEW World Tag Team Championship and now they want the recognition they feel they deserve.

On the 8th of February edition of AEW Dynamite, The Gunns took on The Acclaimed in the main event for the AEW Tag Team Championship. To the surprise – and disgust – of many fans in attendance, The Gunns picked up the victory with the help of the title belts themselves to dethrone Max Caster and Anthony Bowens as champions. The El Paso crowd let The Gunns and AEW know exactly what they thought of the result as they chanted “bullsh*t.”

Speaking on Busted Open, The Gunns discussed their win with Colten Gunn beginning by saying that given their relative inexperience, the second-generation stars are just getting started:

“It was the greatest moment of my life. I don’t know if a lot of people know this, but I’ve only been wrestling for two years. I was on TV after eight weeks of training. My first match on TV was against Sting. I’m really good at this. My one goal was to win the tag team championships with my brother, and I did that.”

“Another thing is, me and Austin have been broken away from my dad for four to six months, something like that. We’ve had maybe 10 TV matches together, maybe, and we’re already champions. People are like, ‘Oh, this is the peak.’ This isn’t even the beginning for me and Austin, and I just want to reiterate that and let people not forget that, that we’ve only been doing this for less than 10 TV matches. But that moment was awesome. We’re champions, and you can’t take that away from us.”

Austin Gunn was characteristically bullish and demanded that people start giving The Gunns the respect and recognition their news status deserves:

“We’re so sick of not being handed or given our flowers. Colten has been in this business for two years. Every time we step out of that curtain, everybody on Twitter is like, ‘The Gunns are so boring. I can’t get behind them. Oh my gosh, they’re not even good at wrestling.’ Every time we go out there, I can’t even hear Colten over the ‘Ass Boy’ chants and the way we have them in the palm of our hand.”

“So when that one, two, three [happens], and Bowens doesn’t kick out, everybody, I look over, the crowd and everybody is like, ‘Oh my god. My favorite tag team! No, not The Acclaimed, oh no.’ That is the best moment. I can’t even sleep. I still think about it. It’s one of the best moments I’ve ever had in my wrestling career, hearing the hush and the silence of the crowd, which [was] followed by bullsh*t chants while me and Colten [were] raising the titles high, on the stage, looking over, just embracing the bullsh*t chants, just soaking that in.”

“That is what I love. I love seeing them just in shock because we’re taking over. We’re head of this division. We now have the tag team title belts. Come get them. We’re the best to ever do this. Second-generation, up and coming AEW superstars. Name a young team that’s better than The Gunns. There isn’t. There’s nobody, nobody that can touch us.”

h/t Fightful