AEW Stars Have “Shoot” Issues With FTR

FTR - Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood AEW

The Gunns were a persistent thorn in the side of FTR in 2022, and it seems the bad blood between the teams extended from the television screen to backstage as well.

The Gunns defeated FTR on the 21st of December edition of AEW Dynamite in what could yet be Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler’s last match in the company. Austin and Colten Gunn then held a funeral segment on TV to commemorate the “death” of FTR before going on to later defeat The Acclaimed to win the AEW Tag Team Championship.

Speaking to WrestleZone, Colten Gunn explained that to begin with he looked up to FTR but after sharing the ring with the team, things changed:

“So when we got into it, we had to look at a team that we wanted to emulate and be like and we just gravitated towards FTR. We’d ask them questions all the time and look for guidance. We respected them so much and then we wrestled them the first time. We’ve wrestled them four times and when we wrestled them the first time, we were so excited.

“Right after that match, everything changed with us and FTR. They no longer saw us [as somebody they helped], they saw us as peers and they saw exactly how good we were. They didn’t have time for us anymore so we made it our vendetta that we were gonna end their legacy and we did. We beat them. We’ve wrestled them four times and they’ve never beat us straight up.

“The first time, Wardlow interfered. The second time they had to use the AEW Champion [CM Punk] in a six man match. The third time, our own guy hit Austin in the head with a crutch. The fourth time when it was just us and FTR, that’s it. We beat them. Then we went out and we held a funeral for them and we ended their legacy.

“That chapter is done just like The Acclaimed chapter is done. They’re in our rear view mirror. We’re done with them. I do not like them, I do not want to see them come back. They can go to whatever other promotion they want to go to, but we’re done with them. We ended that legacy. There’s no more seven star FTR, just The Gunns.”

Austin Gunn then added that there are hard feelings between the teams off-screen as well saying that they no longer get along with FTR and don’t care what the future holds for the former AEW Tag Team Champions:

“Yeah, I got sent a few things on Twitter that Dax was talking about us on his podcast and it just put all of that into perspective. Shoot, me and Colten don’t get along with FTR anymore backstage. So like he said, we don’t care where they go. We don’t care about their contracts, we don’t care about them coming back. That’s shoot. We don’t get along. We hate to see it come to that.

“I never wanna bash any other wrestlers, but I think they wanted to be these guys backstage where everybody came and asked them questions and they wanted to be the veterans backstage and when me and Colten no longer asked them for advice, I think they took that personally and now you can feel it backstage. We don’t talk to them, they don’t talk to us. I don’t care. I don’t care.”

Dax Harwood not only seems to have issues with The Gunns, but he also recently discussed his time in The Pinnacle and his creative problems with MJF.

h/t Fightful