AEW Star Responds To WWE Hall Of Famer’s Criticism

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A WWE Hall of Famer had some very critical comments about a spot on Dynamite, which led to a reply from an AEW wrestler.

There was a huge 8-man tag team match on the November 15th edition of AEW Dynamite. It was a Street Fight sponsored by the SEGA video game company.

That match saw the foursome of Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, Paul Wight and Kota Ibushi defeat Powerhouse Hobbs, Brian Cage, Kyle Fletcher and Konosuke Takeshita. Even though Wight was taken out of the match when Hobbs bodyslammed him onto the hood of a car, the trio of Jericho, Omega & Wight managed to get the win.

It was a match that had a lot of fun moments but also drew some criticism for the silliness involved. At one point, Ibushi got a bicycle and lightly hit his opponents with a cane of some kind before he was decked by a clothesline at ringside. The spot with Ibushi went viral because of how ridiculous it looked.

Booker T is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer who recently spoke about it on his Hall of Fame radio show.

“I watched a minute of AEW last week, a minute. All it was was one minute, and it was the minute when I saw Kota Ibushi coming down on a 10-speed bicycle binking guys and binking guys and binking guys and then getting hit with a clothesline and knocked on the back of his head.”

“Now if I was a fan watching wrestling for the first time and I saw a guy riding down on a 10-speed bicycle with a pipe in his hand, binking guys on the head, and they’re flopping for it, and then he gets knocked totally out pretty much with a clothesline backflip right on the back of his head.”

“One of the best Strong Style wrestlers that Japan has ever produced and that’s what they had him doing.”

Kota Ibushi Reacts To Criticism Of AEW Dynamite Bicycle Spot

On Twitter/X, AEW star and former IWGP World Champion Kota Ibushi reacted to Booker’s criticism. The translated comments in English are below.

“This is Kota Ibushi’s strong style. You are only strong if you can do everything strongest.”

In other words, Kota Ibushi rides a bicycle…strong style.