AEW Star Reflects On Worst Moment In Company History

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A lot has happened in the five years since AEW was born but one of its worst moments came in September 2020 when Matt Hardy narrowly escaped serious injury or even worse.

At All Out 2020 Matt Hardy faced Sammy Guevara in a Broken Rules match with the stipulation added that if Hardy lost, he’d have to leave AEW. The match essentially had Last Man Standing Rules and spilled backstage where a scissor lift was waiting.

Both men were hoisted high in the air on the lift and went crashing towards the concrete backstage at Daily’s Place with only a table breaking their fall. Hardy bore the worst of the landing, smacking his head and knocking himself unconscious. The match was called off but later in the night, the action resumed with Guevara ultimately being thrown off a scaffold to give Matt Hardy the win.

There was outrage afterward with many dismayed that Hardy – who had clearly suffered a nasty head injury – was allowed to continue in any form or fashion. Many were just relieved that ultimately Hardy had recovered enough to do anything else as it was felt things had flown far too close to the sun for comfort.

Sammy Guevara Reflects On AEW Low Point

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on the Insight podcast, Sammy Guevara discussed the infamous incident and says it provided a learning experience to everyone involved:

That was scary for everybody. The tables were, I think, too close. That’s what it was. Yeah, they were a little bit further or we went too high on the scissor lift. Man, it was just such an unfortunate thing because we had so much cool stuff for that match, like, so much. I was actually getting thrown off Daily’s Pace to end the thing. Like we’re going to climb to the roof of Daily’s Place.

But man that match. You know, unfortunately, it’s remembered as one of the worst moments in AEW, but I think it was a lot of learning from all aspects of what to do in a situation like that. You know, and I’m just happy Matt was okay, I remember when I was in the back, like, crying. Like so upset. He’s like, a hero of mine. And, stuff keeps happening because the chair thing just happened like couple of weeks before that. And I followed him to the hospital and I stayed with him until like five in the morning to make sure he was good.

Sammy Guevara will join Sting in a huge AEW Worlds End match after The Spanish God made his surprise return to Dynamite and sent a message to Don Callis.

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