AEW Star Won’t Shed A Tear For Fired TNA President

Scott D'Amore TNA

One AEW star won’t shed a tear for “multi-millionaire” Scott D’Amore.

On February 7, Scott D’Amore was fired from his position as President of TNA Wrestling. D’Amore had been credited with turning the company around, but parent company Anthem decided it was time for a shake-up.

D’Amore’s firing came as a shock to many within the promotion, and several stars publicly expressed their disappointment at the move.

One man who is far from upset over the removal of D’Amore is his former co-EVP in TNA and current AEW star Don Callis. During an appearance on Sunday Night’s Main Event, Callis claimed he hadn’t heard the news until the interview, before explaining why it wouldn’t be an issue for D’Amore.

“What news? Scott’s not with TNA anymore? I don’t talk to Scott (D’Amore) so I don’t know. No (we’re not in touch anymore). But here’s the thing, Scott D’Amore is five-foot-eight, but when he stands on his wallet, he’s 7 feet tall.

“We’re not having any tag days here for Scott D’Amore, no food stamps. If he lost his job, I don’t shed a tear because I don’t shed a tear for multi-millionaires, who now (is) just gonna play more golf. Scott’s a smart guy but I mean, you know, no tears here so, but I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know.”

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