AEW Star Very Unhappy With All In Role

AEW All In logo over blurred stadium

AEW All In was the biggest show by far in the history of Tony Khan’s company but one star not in action on the show feels like he should have been.

All In broke records for AEW as Tony Khan’s promotion set wrestling history with over 81,000 fans packed into Wembley Stadium, London, England, for a massive night of wrestling.

The show was headlined by MJF and Adam Cole battling it out over the AEW World Championship and although MJF won, friendship was the real winner with the former best friends embracing after the match.

However, absent AEW star and British Olympian Anthony Ogogo was not on the card but did feature in Wembley in a pre-show moment that saw him join Paul Wight and Scottish wrestling sensation and former TNA star Grado as they chased off Jeff Jarrett’s group who had been insulting the crowd.

Speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Anthony Ogogo spoke about his moment at All In and feels like he could have been featured in a bigger role on the landmark show in the same city where he won an Olympic medal 11 years previously:

I got to have a moment (at AEW All In). I think (I) should’ve, could’ve had a much bigger moment. I’ll be very honest on this podcast. It’s the reason why I wanted to do it because I wanted to be really honest and come on here and tell my story. It’s in London, it’s my hometown. I was AEW’s first developmental talent. I came here with no wrestling experience. I trained unbelievably hard to get real good really quick and I just think I should’ve been on that card.

Now I know what I’m saying, not obviously how the previous 12 months has went. I haven’t done anything, right? Because I haven’t — but I’m desperate to work hard, I want the opportunities, I wanna go and I was gutted to be — even in that moment, that was put together last-minute actually.

Anthony Ogogo Says Ball Has Been Dropped On His AEW Career

Ogogo then noted that he wasn’t being ungrateful but felt lost in the shuffle at All In behind Paul Wight and Grado and admitted his AEW career has not panned out as he expected:

I’m not being ungrateful, I’m not being disrespectful — I hope I’m not. I don’t mean to come close to being disrespectful but, even with that, hadn’t been seen in a year, because I haven’t been seen. I’ve been waiting for the phone call to do this and then, we came out; me, Paul (Wight) and Grado (at AEW All In), British wrestling legend Grado come and do our little thing and it was like, Paul’s music hit. I get that because he’s a big star, he’s been around for 25 years and you know, Captain Insano and all that. He’s a wrestling legend.

Again, his music hit, and then I came out with him like his little brother, you know what I mean? I haven’t been seen in a year… then Grado came out and Grado, he’s a lovely guy, I love Grado. He’s a lovely guy. He’s really, really, really good. But he’s not signed to AEW. He’s not signed to AEW, he’s never gonna headline a show in AEW I don’t think, maybe unless — it’s wrestling, right? Never say never in wrestling. He’s really, really good.

But it’s like, Paul is at the end of his career. Grado is not even signed to the company and I was a little sh*t bit in a sandwich coming out in the middle. I genuinely feel like I can headline shows in AEW. I genuinely feel like at Wembley, being next year or the year before, I can be at the top of their thing.

When I joined AEW, that’s what was pitched to me and I’m thinking, I haven’t been seen in a year. I’m back in London. I could’ve made a massive — this could’ve been like, not all about me, but I could’ve been made much bigger in that moment. Me coming out, my music hitting, f*ck, Ogogo’s back, f*ck, Ogogo’s — I watched him in the Olympics here 10 years ago and I think with me, the ball’s been dropped many times along the way…

It wasn’t quite — when I joined AEW, it wasn’t quite what I thought it was gonna be, it hasn’t quite turned out thus far what I hoped it could’ve been or I think it could have been, you know? Listen, that being said, all I can do is work hard and give it my all and when the call comes, hopefully the call will come, to show up and turn up and that’s what I’m doing.

Despite not being seen very often in an AEW ring and being frustrated about his role, Anthony Ogogo has confirmed he has re-signed with Tony Khan’s company in a move that might surprise some.

h/t POST Wrestling