AEW Star Says Talking About Union Would Get You Blacklisted In WWE

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According to one AEW wrestler, uttering the word “union” in WWE is verboten and carries serious consequences.

The subject of a pro-wrestler’s union isn’t new. It has come up time and again for decades, going as far back as the days of Hulkamania. Several wrestlers have spoken up about the need for a wrestlers’ union, only for said wrestlers to face serious consequences.

And according to Jake Hager – the former Jack Swagger – one of those consequences included blacklisting.

Speaking on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, Hager explained that wrestlers were told not to discuss particulars of their contracts or ever bring up the idea of forming a union. Doing so ran the risk of getting a wrestler blacklisted from the company.

“While I was there [WWE], that was like the four-letter word. Don’t talk about your contracts, and don’t talk about anything having to do with a union, otherwise, you’ll get blacklisted. I saw it happen.

Someone…I can’t remember exactly, but they were complaining about something and they were talking about how we should all get together and get some power and I’m like, ‘It’s not that company.’

Hager went on to explain that WWE’s contracts were extremely one-sided and heavily favored the company. In particular, the contract gave WWE the freedom to cancel the contract (i.e. terminate the wrestler) at any time for any reason.

“The biggest things with those WWE contracts are, they can cancel them anytime, and they’ve proven that they will, so what does it all really mean if you can’t rely on it? You sign your life away.”

h/t Sescoops for the transcription