AEW Star Squashes Bizarre Beef With Current Champion

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AEW announcer Taz has put an end to his online rivalry with a TNA star.

On June 25th, TNA star Jordynne Grace posted a workout photo on social media and captioned it with Taz’s old catchphrase, “Beat me if you can, survive if I let you.” The former ECW Champion didn’t take too kindly to the post, replying that it was a “swing and a miss” as he has the phrase trademarked.

Grace later responded, making her disappointment in Taz clear.

“Not being able to quote legends that I’ve emulated for years wasn’t in my pro wrestling handbook, but duly noted.”

AEW’s Taz Clears The Air With Jordynne Grace

In a video message, the AEW announcer explained that since he wasn’t tagged in the original post, he had no idea it was supposed to be an homage to him and he was just defending his trademarks. However, he admitted that he could be a “bit hypersensitive” over it as people have made money from his work in the past.

“I don’t know Jordynne Grace, I know of her, obviously, I’m actually a fan of her work. I don’t have her phone number, she don’t have mine, we don’t follow each other on social media. I was not tagged on the tweet so I didn’t know she was paying homage to me until I saw her later tweet.

“I’ve been burnt before, I’ve been doing this a long time, I’ve had people make money off of me and I try to protect all of my trademarks because I’m proud of it. Some fans think it’s petty to say something, but it’s not, it’s just being protective of stuff you’ve built. It’s not being petty, and if you think it’s petty then you might be someone who never really had something like that, where you worked really hard for something and you spent a lot of money to protect it, and all the years you built it. You just don’t give that up.

“At times am I a little hypersensitive to this? Yes. Am I a little gunshy? For sure…Because of people making money off of me in the past. I don’t get a ton of credit for a lot of things that I brought to the business from really anyone of power in the business. I don’t need that, I don’t care, I’m very confident in what I’ve done, very proud of what I’ve done, so I don’t need that validation but I am protective.

“I have nothing against Jordynne Grace, I’m a fan of her work. It was maybe me jumping the gun, Like I said I wasn’t tagged, I don’t know if this person is trying to make money off me or make a t-shirt, or use the catchphrase. I’m not saying she said that, but, again I wasn’t tagged so…

“But I’m good, I’m looking forward to one day crossing paths with Jordynne and I’m sure we’ll giggle about it and laugh, and that’s that. I wish her nothing but success.”

Grace responded to the video saying all was well, and that she had been inspired to make the original post when she was watching an old ECW match featuring the Human Suplex Machine.

“All good!! I was mostly surprised. I don’t tag because I don’t ever want to seem like a boot licker, but I got you next time.

“Watching an old match of you vs Bigelow and wrestling at the ECW arena this weekend inspired the tweet, 100% an homage! We got the same body type”

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that the TNA Knockouts Champion has been the centre of a social media frenzy, as Jordynne Grace recently shared a naked picture of herself with other TNA stars.

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