AEW Star Thinks Saraya Losing Women’s Title Was Disappointing

Saraya AEW Women's Champion

A friend of Saraya in AEW believes that the British star’s title loss was disappointing to see.

After being unable to wrestle for five years due to a serious neck injury, Saraya (formerly Paige in WWE) signed with WWE in the summer of 2022 and was able to return to the ring.

At AEW’s first-ever event in Saraya’s home country of England called All In London at Wembley Stadium, the popular British star became the AEW Women’s Champion for the first time.

Unfortunately for Saraya, she ended up having a short title reign that lasted only 44 days when Hikaru Shida won her third AEW Women’s Title on October 10th. It was a shocking title change for a lot of fans who were happy for the British star holding the title and then losing it so quickly.

Saraya Losing AEW Women’s Title Was Disappointing To Renee Paquette

Renee Paquette is an AEW announcer/interviewer who is a close friend of Saraya going back to their WWE days. Renee spoke with Women’s Wrestling Talk with TK Trinidad about Saraya losing the AEW Women’s Championship.

“I mean, for sure, disappointing. I mean, you look at somebody like Saraya and what she brings to AEW, what she brings to that women’s division. And I think she kind of finding her footing again as well, after, you know, not wrestling for five-plus years. So for her to come back from this injury, thinking she was never gonna wrestle again, thinking she was fully retired, boots hung up to now coming back into this world and trying to figure it all out again.”

“It’s been really cool to see her get into her groove, and I think are having that championship belt and being able to have a different run, I would have loved to have seen that I would have loved to have seen her be able to defend that title more and have some more of those matches and have more of those opportunities.”

“Obviously, Shida is fantastic. We have so many great women. But yeah, Raya is my girl and I think that she just brings a certain cache to women’s wrestling. She really is that woman that… she didn’t single handedly but she was a big part of changing the way that we look at women’s wrestling and changing the mold of what female wrestlers are.”

“I think that we all need to continue to slap a little respect on that woman’s name. She’s a badass.”

Thanks to Women’s Wrestling Talk for the quotes.