AEW Star Responds To Ric Flair After Harsh Criticism

Ric Flair chops Kurt Angle

An AEW star has offered a refreshing response to Ric Flair after the WWE Hall of Famer called some of their recent offense “embarrassing.”

Konosuke Takeshita has been making quite a splash since first appearing in AEW and subsequently signing with the company. The Japanese star recently competed in a well-received match on Dynamite against potential AEW World Title contender Bryan Danielson but not everybody was a fan of what they saw.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair had some harsh words for Konosuke Takeshita following his match on Dynamite and thinks he needs to work on his chops:

“I’ll give you an example of what I thought was really bullsh*t and I know it’s your favourite guy. The Japanese young man [Takeshita] that was chopping Danielson on his knees the other night. Come on, those chops couldn’t break an egg. If you’re gonna chop somebody, godammit, hit them hard. It’s not gonna hurt you.”

“Danielson was on his knees and the guy was going [throws a weak chop] gimme a break! It’s embarrassing. In Japan in the 80s that Japanese kid would have got the sh*t slapped out of him just walking back in the locker room door. If you’re gonna hit someone like that and you’re trying to get the crowd to go ‘Woo!’ or react you gotta him them hard.”

Now Takeshita has responded to Ric Flair on social media, saying that he’d love for The Nature Boy to teach him:

“I have the utmost respect for Ric Flair. It is incredible to me that he mentioned me. I need to practice a lot as I haven’t done much chopping in Japan. Thanks for the advice. I would like you to actually teach me if possible. Watch my chops grow from now on.”

Ric Flair also recently revealed that he apologised to Becky Lynch backstage at the 30th anniversary of Raw as he looked to put the bad blood between them behind him.

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