AEW Star References Cody Rhodes On Collision

cody rhodes aew tnt champion

There was a Cody Rhodes reference on AEW Collision when Christian Cage was in the ring doing a promo about the TNT Championship.

While Cody Rhodes is a WWE guy again ever since his 2022 return to the company, he was also one of the founders of All Elite Wrestling that was a wrestler/executive with the job title of Executive Vice President (EVP)

During his AEW career, Cody Rhodes never became the World Champion due in part to a stipulation match he lost that prevented him from challenging for that title.

Since he couldn’t go after the AEW World Title, Cody did all he could to put over the importance of the TNT Title.

In May 2020, Cody Rhodes was the first TNT Champion. Cody would go on to hold the TNT Titles three different times (tied for the most) for about 154 days in his three-year AEW career.

On the June 24th episode of AEW Collision in Toronto, the TNT Champion and Christian Cage were in the ring for a promo. The interesting thing about it is that Christian not only said every word in the promo, but Christian also held the TNT Title on his shoulder even though Luchasaurus was the actual champion.

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Christian Cage did a promo on Collision where at first he ripped on the Toronto crowd and the local sports teams because that is what heels do, especially when they are back in their hometown like Christian was. Christian made it clear there will be no open challenges and if you want a shot at the TNT Title, you will have to earn it.

“I’m not going to sit here and act like I created this championship. This isn’t gonna be a vanity project like another guy who used to ride the roads (Rhodes?) here in AEW.”

It was likely a well-thought-out line where Christian knew that it would get a big reaction and the fans in Toronto certainly picked up on it. The first part of the sentence above is a shot at Cody and obviously since Christian said “Rhodes” at the end, we know what he was referring to.

In less than one week at WWE’s Money in the Bank on July 1st, Cody Rhodes will face Dominik Mysterio in what should be a win for the American Nightmare as he awaits his next match against “The Beast” Brock Lesnar.