AEW Star On CM Punk Backlash: “Go Cry In Your Mansion”

aew CM Punk

Miro opened up about his relationship with CM Punk and addressed backlash surrounding his return.

Like CM Punk, Miro hasn’t been seen inside an AEW ring since All Out. And like Punk, The Redeemer is set to be part of AEW’s new Saturday night program called Collision, set to debut on June 17th in Chicago, IL.

Speaking in a new interview with Good Karma Wrestling, Miro opened up about his relationship with Punk and said he’s always felt a mutual respect between the two of them.

“I get along with him fine. Every time we talk, I feel like we have a mutual respect. Yeah, so I’ve never had anything bad, like engaged with him but you know, everybody hears a whole bunch of things.”

When it comes to Punk’s departure and return, Miro says he’s more focused on himself than he is on other people’s problems. He made it clear that everybody is responsible for their own actions, and that he’s always gotten along with Punk.

“But man, if you’re not happy with something, just do whatever you wanna do and then go cry in your mansion. I don’t understand, all the lashing out but, everybody’s responsible for their own actions. Like I said, I get along with him good. We’ve talked, we had great interactions even though we had two or three of them. But yeah, I don’t care. I look at myself. I don’t look at other people’s plates. That’s what the Bible taught me. Don’t look at other people’s plates. Take care of yourself and everybody else, all you can do is just pray for them and whatever happens, happens.”

The main event of Collision will see Punk team with FTR to take on the team of Jay White, Juice Robinson, and Samoa Joe.

h/t POST Wrestling

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