AEW Star Not Cleared To Compete

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AEW star and Jericho Appreciation Society member Tay Melo has revealed she is not currently cleared to compete as she deals with serious back issues.

Tay Melo last competed in a brutal and bloody Street Fight as she teamed with Anna Jay in a defeat to Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale on the 13th of January edition of Rampage.

Speaking on Elite POV, Melo discussed how she is suffering from a protrusion in her back but she was determined to go ahead with the Street Fight despite the pain she was in:

“I have a protrusion on my back, so it’s something that I’ve been dealing with for more than 10 years by now. I know how to go about it. Before the match, I started feeling it a little bit, and the doctors in AEW, they’re super good. I told them, they helped me see if it was okay to do it. They asked me, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna do it. Let’s go.’

“I’ll never say no, let me tell you, unless I’m really dying. I was like, I’m in pain, I knew I was in pain. The day before, let me tell you, I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t walk. At the airport, the walk was so long, we had to get a wheelchair for me because I was not able to walk for too long. It was really bad.”

Tay Melo then explained how after the match she was in pain and she is currently not cleared to compete but thankfully adds that she hopes to be soon:

“It was getting better. The doctors helped me a little bit. The day of the match, in the morning, they were helping me with a massage and stuff. So I was able to do the match, but after the match, I knew it would suck because I was already in pain. All the girls and everybody was so nice, and they were helping me because they saw in my face. I’m always super excited, I was excited, but you could tell that I was in pain.

“I’m trying to kind of hide it and let people get worried about me. I’m like, ‘No, I’ll be fine.’ But people know. Then after the match, I checked everything. I went to a couple different doctors and our doctor in AEW.

“So I’m not cleared for now, but I will be really soon. I’m good, don’t worry. I want to be cleared, but the doctor trying to hold me [back] a little bit to make sure I’m 100%. They told me I will be cleared in the next couple weeks, so I’ll be fine.”

h/t Fightful