AEW Star Says They’ve Got No Problems With CM Punk

CM Punk Hangman Adam Page

CM Punk has been praised for the work he did in the early days of AEW Collision.

Despite being involved in the brawl following All Out 2022, CM Punk found his way back onto AEW television in June 2023. After recovering from a triceps injury, Punk returned to head-up Collision when it launched, and he was heavily involved with the show behind the scenes. Something which later created its own set of problems.

During Collision’s early months, Punk worked regularly with Ricky Starks as the pair clashed over the “real” World Championship.

During a new interview with WhatCulture Wrestling, Starks said he worked with Punk a great deal behind the scenes.

“Punk was very instrumental in my presentation on Collision, there’s a video clip that constantly gets reshared, where the pyro going off and exploding and blah, blah. That was all Punk’s idea. Punk had had a vision for trying to help out certain people. And getting along.”

Starks went on to break down why he’s got no issues with Punk, recalling the veteran going out of his way to help him.

“Every time he saw my outfits, he would laugh, and he would be like, ‘This is perfect.’ There was a great collaboration going on in that regard.

That’s why I have no issues with Punk. I don’t give a f*ck what anybody tries to tell me. I don’t care. He has never done me wrong. And you can have your opinions on him and all that. But you shouldn’t vilify someone for thinking differently than you. You get I’m saying.

I will say that till I’m blue in the face, he really went out of his way to really try to make something on that Collision show for me. And I feel like we were it was working. And I feel like we were really onto something.

And I think that’s why that strap match with Bryan really means a lot because it just felt like the things that I had learned was like coming to a head of like, ‘Here we go.’ So, you know, yeah, he was a great dude. And I still think Punk is a good dude, in my opinion, like, he has helped. He tried to help a lot of us on that show. And I can always be thankful for that.”

During the same interview, Ricky Starks admitted he’s got “no clue” when he’ll be back on AEW television, again dismissing speculation he’s injured.

CM Punk Closing On WWE

After his controversial exit from AEW, Punk headed back to WWE, but his return hasn’t quite played out as hoped. Punk has managed just one televised match since returning at Survivor Series, and it was during that outing at the Royal Rumble that he suffered a torn triceps.

However, it’s been reported that CM Punk could be back in action soon, just in time to face Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co