AEW Star Calls Kurt Angle His Favourite Wrestler

AEW Star Calls Kurt Angle

An AEW star has referred to Kurt Angle as his favourite whilst evaluating one of his favourite WWE matches.

Kenny Omega, renowned for his commitment to delivering exceptional performances in the ring, has solidified his status as a top draw, particularly during his tenure in NJPW, where he assumed the role of one of the Executive Vice Presidents during the establishment of AEW.

Despite receiving significant acclaim from critics such as Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, who has lauded Omega’s involvement in matches that have surpassed his five-star rating system, Omega has expressed dissatisfaction with a specific rating.

The match in question showcased two of the most accomplished wrestlers in WWE history, and it is noteworthy that they were featured in an opening match. Talking on his Twitch channel, Omega evaluated the match rating of the Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio match from SummerSlam 2002.

“This match was never meant to be a five-star match. There’s also a thing called building a card and a lot of promotions, they disagree with that structuring method because they believe that every time you go out to the ring, you should maximise your time and have the best match possible. But what this match did, in a perfect way, was set the tone for the rest of the card.”

‘The Cleaner’ mentioned that he never felt it was a five-star match but clarified that it was not a criticism, but rather an acknowledgement of understanding his position on the card

“What should have been a four-star match became one of the best opening matches of all time. So that becomes recommended and mandatory viewing. Anyone who wants to get into the business and learn how to do your job as an opening match wrestler or if you’re in the position of being in the opener.”

Omega was particularly critical of the star ratings the match in question received.

“Was that match snubbed a little bit from Cage Match or from Dave (Meltzer) or whatever? I mean, from my viewpoint, yeah! I mean, you compare another 3.75 match from Dave to that?! And the athleticism is on a complete other level. The psychology is on a complete other level. The amount of understanding of the characters and their motivations on a complete other level. And this is why, for me… I do think Kurt Angle is the greatest… the most complete wrestler of all time. He’s my favourite.”

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