AEW Star Calls John Cena “One Of The Greatest Workers Of All Time”

John Cena

One AEW star has nothing but praise for John Cena.

John Cena is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history with a record-equalling sixteen world championships to his reign. Despite that, some people still don’t recognise Cena’s in-ring ability compared to his character work and charisma that has helped launch him into Hollywood following the end of his full-time wrestling career.

Speaking to Colt Cabana on Art of Wrestling, AEW’s Shawn Spears reflected on working with John Cena at an OVW show for the WWE Championship in 2007 in some of the most trying circumstances for two wrestlers:

“It was the most stressful, ridiculous, perfect storm of what could possibly go wrong. Kentucky Kingdom is an outdoor show. It’s a nice stadium, holds 83,000 people. We had an eight-match card, but because there was a severe rainstorm…I think Jerry Lawler was on the show, but me and John would go last.

“There was a crazy downpour and the matches went from eight to three. John wasn’t there yet. The good saving grace was that Cody [Cody Rhodes] talked to John beforehand. John asked him, ‘who is this guy, what’s he all about?’ Cody said some good things. When I ran into John, he said, ‘Cody said some good things about you, we’ll be good, we’ll do this, this, and this,’ and then he walked off. ‘Okay.’

“We went out there, it’s pouring rain, I went out first, he comes out on a hummer with soldiers walking beside him and the place was deafening. It was crazy. If you’ve ever been in a wrestling ring when it’s been wet, I’m assuming most haven’t, but it’s like ice. When people sweat, people slip, and someone can get really hurt. The fear was, if this guy goes down, it’s on my watch. They’re going to look at me.”

Cena picked up the win and Spears added that while some people don’t recognise John Cena’s wrestling skills, he believes Cena really is one of the greatest in-ring workers of all time:

“To his credit, he is one of the most absolute professional athletes on this planet. A lot of people will give John slack about his wrestling ability, say whatever you want about his wrestling ability, he is one of the greatest workers, and there is a difference between working and wrestling, he’s one of the greatest workers of all time.”

John Cena back in WWE

John Cena recently returned to WWE and it seems he’ll be sticking around on SmackDown for a few weeks. His return to the blue brand saw him dodge a superkick from Jimmy Uso before he dropped Uso with an Attitude Adjustment.

At Payback, Cena ended up as the special guest referee for the bout between The Miz and LA Knight which Knight one. On the following edition of Raw, The Miz apparently lost his mind as he fought an invisible Cena in the middle of the ring.

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