AEW Star Performs In-Ring For The First Time In A Decade

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An individual signed to AEW in a non-wrestling capacity got to take a trip down memory lane as he stepped into a wrestling for the first time in ten years at a recent independent show.

Prior to becoming a commentator, Nigel McGuinness was an accomplished wrestler. He achieved a modicum of success on the independent circuit and became known for his incredible matches in Ring of Honor. Many fans remember his matches with Bryan Danielson in particular as some of the best of the entire decade of the 2000s.

Unfortunately, McGuinness was forced to retire from in-ring competition after testing positive for Hepatitis-B. Since then, McGuinness has moved on to work as a commentator, first for WWE and now for AEW.

However, McGuinness was able to relive a small part of his past life at a recent show put on by PROGRESS Wrestling.

PROGRESS recently put on its Super Strong Style 16 tournament and a recurring theme during that tournament was Mark Haskins taunting Nigel McGuinness over and over. Eventually, McGuinness could take no more and attacked Haskins in the ring, which allowed Haskins’ opponent Kid Lykos to win the match and the tournament.

After the tournament ended, Nigel McGuinness got on the mic and spoke about how happy was to have watched it.

“It was an incredible weekend. I felt nervous but excited at the same time, and I couldn’t wait to see all the competitors in the ring and find out who would be the winner of this year’s Super Strong Style 16 tournament.

“I really enjoyed sitting next to Ollie Spring on the commentary desk. I honestly thought I was going to be sat next to SoCal Val, but Ollie did a wonderful job.

“It was amazing to be back at PROGRESS Wrestling. The last time I was here was in 2014 and the passionate reaction from the fans towards professional wrestling is what we are all bound by. It truly was a dream come true.”

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