AEW Star Hits Out At “Widespread Lies” About Them

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One AEW star has had enough of what they call “widespread lies” about them doing the rounds and warns their fellow stars to keep their name out of their mouths.

Interim AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm recently took issue with what she called “interim nonsense” with the other AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa currently on the shelf with an injury. This comes off the back of comments Storm made at the post-All Out media scrum – which were widely overlooked because of the fight that took place backstage at that show – where she seemed to suggest that Rosa’s injury was not exactly legitimate.

Now Thunder Rosa has fired back in an appearance on Busted Open Radio as she condemns the “lies” being spread about her:

“Toni Storm had something to say about Thunder Rosa and the interim championship. I really wanted to address this because it has come to my attention, not necessarily from the people at the place where I work, but some veterans have informed me that there is a widespread of lies going on in different parts and I’m part of these rumors.”

“When I read this comment about the interim championship, it came to me as no surprise. I have not been on national TV for the last two months and my name keeps being mentioned for good or for bad. The first month and a half was a lot of the former. A lot of controversy around Thunder Rosa and what Thunder Rosa was or was not doing, first with people diminishing my line of work.”

“It is interesting because as a Latina, and for a long time I tried to stay away from it, but it is time for me to say something about my work. As a Latina, it is very hard to make a name for yourself. I am not a second-generation wrestler. I am self-made, and I had the great chance to work in many companies and they believe in my work.”

“Sometimes, it just takes one privileged person or someone with clout to like a tweet and destroy everything you have done. It influences how fans see and perceive you as a wrestler. A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how one of my co-workers had to come out and do a live feed. If you don’t hear it from me, just don’t say anything.”

“If you’re in the back and you’re in distress about me being the champion or being called the champion, I don’t call the shots. I have a boss and there is a booker in our office that make the decisions. If you’re distraught about what is being booked, maybe you should talk to the booker and keep my name out of your mouth.”

Thunder Rosa then followed up by slamming suggestions that she’d faked the injury that caused her to miss her All Out title defence against Storm. She added that she’s willing to show herself receiving an epidural so she can train again in an attempt to shut her doubters up:

“It’s really hard when people are approaching you and are still asking me if I’m faking an injury. These rumors were started by one or two people and they spread. I don’t feel like any other wrestler has gone through this. When someone gets hurt, ‘Oh, they’re hurt.’ When it was me, it was immediate. It was a flood of disgusting things that were not true that came out. I’m sick of it.”

“It’s hard for me to manage some of this stuff, but I have to face it. I am hurt. If you have something to ask, go watch my YouTube videos. I’ve posted every time I’m in a doctor’s office showing and explaining what’s going on with me. In another week or two, I’m getting another epidural so I can go back to training because I want to get back in the ring. I want to show you when they put the needle in my back so they can shut the f*ck up in saying that I’m not hurt. That hurts.”

As far as a time frame for Thunder Rosa to return to an AEW ring, La Mera Mera says nothing is definite but she hopes to be back early in the new year:

“I am still hurt, they haven’t given me a time of when I’m coming back, I’m saying it’s January and I hope it is January. If Toni Storm disagrees with what was decided in the back, that’s not my problem. When I get better, because I will still be the champion if my boss lets me be the champion, and if he doesn’t, I will be okay with that too. I don’t make the rules. That needs to be said.”

“I feel your pain, Toni. I know you’re doing the work every week, but I’m doing the same work. I’m trying to get better and get back in the ring to defend this championship. In the meantime, get some wins under your belt so you can talk sh*t about Thunder Rosa. That goes for anyone in the back because I am still champion.”

“Have some respect. I never disrespected anyone in the company. I had so many opportunities because I work for Busted Open Radio and if I want, I could trash anyone, but what is the point?”

h/t Fightful