AEW Star “Frustrated” The Pizza Guy Got On TV

aew luigi primo

The “Pizza Guy” Luigi Primo appearing on AEW TV has led to some frustrations for a wrestler who doesn’t get very much time.

Anthony Ogogo is an AEW wrestler who has had a big-time feud with Cody Rhodes leading to a match at Double or Nothing 2021, which was won by Cody. Other than that, he hasn’t made much of an impact in his AEW career. Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Agogo won a bronze medal in boxing in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Ogogo, who is from England, recently talked to Cultaholic for Desert Island Graps about choosing to sign with AEW over WWE while also having kind words to say about AEW’s Owner/President Tony Khan.

“I had a choice with both companies, but I chose to go to AEW because I love the sports-based product, that’s what I like. I got, not told off, but I did a tweet recently and I haven’t been to AEW recently while we figure things out, not on TV, I’ve been doing Elevation, gaining experience, getting better, and honing my craft. I trust the boss. Tony Khan is an absolute genius. Like QT (Marshall), he’s a genius. Them two together then Sonjay Dutt who is unbelievable, Pat Buck who is great, Tony Schiavone is really good, the Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) and Kenny (Omega). AEW management, you’ve got geniuses around the place and they work together so well, led by Tony Khan. I really trust QT and Tony Khan and trust where I’m at and that they’re going to bring me through at the right time and I’ll get the chance when it’s the right time in my development and my career. I do get frustrated because I am away from my family a lot and I am in a country that I don’t like being in, working hard for this dream and I want to get these chances.”

Earlier this year, AEW featured the “Pizza Guy” Luigi Primo in a backstage interview segment where Ethan Page knocked him out with a superkick. Primo was also involved in a Jericho Appreciation Society in-ring segment as well.

Following Primo’s appearance on Dynamite, Ogogo complained about it on Twitter because he thought AEW was sports-based wrestling.

As Ogogo would go on to explain, he was frustrated because he wasn’t on Dynamite while the pizza guy was.

“I got frustrated recently because the pizza guy was on TV. I did a little tweet, half joking, half being serious, just being like, ‘this pizza guy, who is not Shawn Michaels in the ring, has had more time on AEW TV this year than I have.’ It pissed me off because it’s supposed to be a sports-based product. I understand what they’re doing, I get it. I just want to wrestle. I want to get good and have time. He got kicked in the face in three seconds, I don’t want that spot [laughs]. I just want to be on TV and show people how hard I’m working and how good I can be. I’ll be patient, which I am being, but I’m also going to work hard in the interim and that’s what I’m doing. Hopefully, I’ll get my shot soon enough.”

h/t Fightful