AEW Star Fires Back At Dave Meltzer’s Refuse To Lose Claims

Buddy Matthews Malakai Black AEW

AEW’s House of Black has hit back at Dave Meltzer after he suggested two of the pair refuse to lose and that’s why a recent match had its rules changed.

The 27th of January edition of Collision was headlined by a massive elimination cage match that pitted FTR and Daniel Garcia against the House of Black. Given the nature of the match, the winners were the team that could escape the cage first meaning that nobody had to be pinned or submitted to lose the bout.

Dave Meltzer claims the rules ensured House of Black would not have to be pinned as Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews allegedly have issues with losing in AEW. This is not a claim that has been taken well by Matthews.

Buddy Matthews Flaunts Losing AEW Record In 2024

Taking to social media, Matthews claimed that Meltzer does no research as he attached a graphic of his AEW bio which shows he has a losing record in 2024.

Matthew’s House of Black partner Brody King waded in as well, taking issue with any question about the match stipulation changing:

Funny how someone’s opinion just becomes fact because they’ve been watching wrestling a long time. The format and stipulation of the cage match was always what it was going to be. It’s not our fault the wording on the graphic changed.

AEW’s wrestling admin co-ordinator Will Washington also stepped into the debate clearing up any confusion regarding the match. Meltzer had thought the match rules had changed since it was officially announced but Washington says the bout was always going to have escape the cage rules:

I usually don’t comment on stuff like this, but before this idea spreads or gets out of hand, the wording change was just for clarity. It was absolutely escape rules when the first match graphic dropped.

Dave Meltzer claimed Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews want to return to WWE as soon as they can but so far no member of the House of Black has issued any comments on those suggestions.