AEW Star Fears He Might Have Ended MJF


A top star in AEW has addressed MJF’s extended absence and what could be in his future.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman made his history during his reign as the AEW World Champion because he was not only the youngest champion in company history, but he also had the longest title reign in the five-year history of All Elite Wrestling.

At AEW Worlds End on December 30th in MJF’s hometown of Long Island, NY, MJF’s World Title came to an end at the hands of Samoa Joe. Friedman wrestled that match with a serious shoulder injury and put on a valiant effort before Joe finally put him away.

After that match, Friedman’s “best friend” Adam Cole revealed himself to be The Devil character that was haunting MJF for months. It led to Cole forming the Undisputed Kingdom group as well.

Since then, Maxwell hasn’t appeared on AEW television, nor has the company indicated when he might return.

For his part, AEW World Champion Samoa Joe was asked Joe Murray of 98.5 The Sports Hub if Joe ended MJF.

“I think I might’ve. We’re not here and hiding our hair of him, he’s not around too much anymore. But I will say this about Max, he’s a tremendous talent, tremendous athlete, and it’ll be very interesting to see what his future holds.”

MJF Expected To Remain With AEW

During the five years that AEW has existed, the former World Champion Friedman spoke openly about the “Bidding War of 2024” which was a reference to the fact that at one point, his AEW contract was set to expire on January 1, 2024.

While it was never announced by Maxwell or AEW as a company, there were numerous reports about how people within WWE think MJF already re-signed with AEW a long time and he never came close to being a free agent.

Meanwhile, AEW removed MJF from their roster page to sell the idea that he’s not part of the company any more.

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