AEW Star Says He Was Almost Seriously Injured On Dynamite

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A top star in AEW has commented on a recent spot during a Dynamite match that nearly caused a serious injury.

In the main event of the Homecoming episode of AEW Dynamite in Jacksonville, Sting & Darby Allin continued their undefeated ways by defeating Konosuke Takeshita & Powerhouse Hobbs in a Texas Tornado tag team match.

The match ended when the 64-year-old Sting was on a wall structure and gave Hobbs a Scorpion Death Drop that sent them plunging back-first through two tables below. They ended up fine although Sting was checked on by the ringside doctor.

While that fall was a dangerous spot to end the match, there was also a moment where Hobbs & Takeshita swung Allin and then tossed him across the ring. Allin’s head/neck hit the ropes hard. Allin was able to continue, but it was a scary spot that led to a lot of fans criticizing the wrestlers for doing something that reckless.

In an interview with KSDK to promote an AEW event in St. Louis, Darby Allin admits he nearly broke his neck on that move.

“The thing with AEW is, you can expect the unexpected. I mean that, I’m not just trying to sell anything. Every week, there is crazy shenanigans going on. Last week, I almost broke my neck. This week, we have so much crazy stuff. Literally, it’s something different every week. We don’t play it safe. I was in town, I saw this arch, and I kind of want to jump off of it.”

Allin was also asked if he gets nervous.

“I never get nervous because I embrace going to the hospital. I live at the hospital.”

Darby Allin And Sting Want To Win AEW Tag Team Titles

While Darby Allin and Sting didn’t appear in person on the January 17th episode of AEW Dynamite, Allin was featured in a video talking about how his tag team with Sting is undefeated and they want to win the AEW Tag Team Titles.

At AEW Revolution on March 3rd, Sting will wrestle in his last match. That match is expected to be against The Young Bucks, which was Sting’s choice. If the AEW Tag Team Titles are going to be on the line in that match then The Young Bucks will likely win those titles from Big Bill & Ricky Starks to set up the Revolution tag team match.

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