AEW Star Wants More Dynamite & Rampage Opportunities

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When it comes to AEW, the best places to make yourself stand out are Dynamite & Rampage, which is why a young star wants more opportunities on television.

It has been a long time since Powerhouse Hobbs has had a match on AEW Dynamite. You have to go back to September 14th, 2022 when he won a squash match for his last Dynamite match.

Hobbs did a high-profile match on the AEW Rampage Grand Slam show that aired on September 23, 2022 when he lost a Lights Out Match to Ricky Starks, which was technically an “unsanctioned” match. AEW did air several “Book of Hobbs” videos about him since then, but they didn’t go anywhere other than to show us a bit more of what his upbringing was like.

The last time Hobbs wrestled on AEW Rampage was on January 27th when he won a match in about one minute. Hobbs has appeared regularly on AEW’s YouTube shows Dark and Dark Elevation, but the company hardly pushes those shows compared to their television shows.

Earlier this week, Hobbs was on Busted Open Radio to talk about how he wants to be featured more.

“Any opportunity you get, you have to make some noise, whether its on Dark, Elevation, Dynamite, or Rampage. Me, personally, I would love to be featured more on Dynamite and Rampage. Right now, I’m getting opportunities on Elevation, and it’s speaking for itself. The cream rises to the top.”

Hobbs also mentioned two top AEW names as far as who he wants to face in the ring some day.

“I like to fight. One is Jon Moxley and the other is Eddie Kingston. Just a straight out brawl. Pull no punches, no hurricanranas, no dive outs, just fisticuffs.”

The good news for Powerhouse Hobbs is that this coming Wednesday on the March 1st edition of AEW Dynamite, he will be part of the “Face of the Revolution Ladder Match” where the winner gets a shot at the TNT Title. Hobbs will be in the match with Eddie Kingston, Konosuke Takeshita, Ortiz, Komander, Action Andretti, and Sammy Guevara.

H/T Fightful