AEW Star Was Confined To A Wheelchair Due To Injury

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One of AEW’s top heavyweights has discussed how a gruesome-sounding injury kept him in a wheelchair for almost three months.

Many people were surprised when Paul Wight, known to fans from his WWE tenure as The Big Show, made the switch and became All Elite. Although he has more primarily been a fixture at the commentary desk, he has occasionally laced up his boots and it would be no surprise if he does so again in the future.

However, he has been sidelined for many months now with a knee injury which led to him requiring a knee replacement.

In a discussion with Metro UK, Paul Wight has discussed how he was in a wheelchair for 11 weeks, although the replacement now means he could jump out of airplane if he wanted to.

Well, I spent 11 weeks in a wheelchair because I was waiting for them to build the implant for my knee because of my size. I had crushed all the bone in the knee, I was bleeding into my shin. So, I’ve got a good pain tolerance, but when I say I rode the tire down to the rim, that’s exactly what I did.

But, luckily I still have all my ligaments in that knee, everything’s good there, it’s a nice, brand new titanium joint so it’s good for 35 years. So, I can parachute if I want to – not that I’ll ever jump out of an airplane, we all saw the movie Operation Dumbo drop, I don’t think that’s me, we’re good!

Earlier this month, Paul Wight confirmed the timeframe he’s hoping he’ll be able to return to action in.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.