AEW Star Would Have Changed Mercedes Mone’s Debut

Mercedes Mone AEW

Mercedes Mone’s AEW debut could have been even bigger according to one star.

After months of speculation, on March 13th, Mercedes Mone finally became All Elite. On the special episode of Dynamite titled “Big Business” Mone walked out to a monster ovation befitting her status as one of the biggest female stars on the planet.

However, according to one AEW star, her debut could have been even bigger.

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the star broke down how he would have done Mone’s debut differently. The veteran said that instead of mirroring CM Punk’s AEW debut back in August 2021, the company should have promoted Mone’s appearance making it more impactful.

“Looking back in hindsight I wish it would have been advertised — and that’s not even looking back in hindsight, I wish it would’ve been advertised before she was even there.

It was to mirror Punk’s debut when he showed up at “AEW Rampage.” And I feel like it would’ve been even more impactful if you would’ve just gone ahead and got it out there, and that would’ve been for the casual fans.”

Hardy added that he would have liked to have seen Mone used throughout the show, rather than just at the beginning and end.

“I would’ve hammered it home, ‘Mercedes Mone is debuting. Oh, that’s the girl that was Sasha Banks!’ That would be my only criticism,” Hardy said. Following this, he praised her debut, but added one last issue. “I’m glad she started the show, kicked it off. I would’ve liked to see her used through the show a little more, especially if she was gonna come back at the end. I feel like you make this the Mercedes Mone show.”

Mercedes Mone Becomes Highest-Paid Woman In History

Upon signing with AEW, Mercedes Mone became the highest-paid female wrestler in history.

Furthermore, Mone owns all of the trademarks relating to her character including her entrance music.

It’s been reported that such a deal would be impossible in WWE for anyone not named The Rock.

H/t to Wrestling Inc